e-publishing benefits

E-Publication Benefits

DKePublishing provides you with the platform and technical support to convert your PDF into a beautiful media digital edition.

In addition to video, audio and flash rich active media, DKePublishing offers infinite zoom, search and archive functions, bookmarking and reader page notes; digital catalog order forms (that integrate and connect directly to a shopping cart) digital rights management, third part subscription/payment and one-click page printing.

The Benefits

  • Direct product links to your e-Commerce site
  • Place orders from within the catalog
  • Search engine optimized for increased visibility in the search engine
  • Customize  your e-publication with your own brand identity
  • Provide a more comprehensive experience to engage readers including text, images (multiple images), video or audio interviews.
  • Infinite zoom and high resolution image capability
  • Save fully functioning offline version to CD or USB
  • Ideal for direct email campaigns
  • Comprehensive, exportable stats package to measure effectiveness
  • Instant distribution
  • Reduce or eliminate print and mail costs
  • Digital publications, especially in the form of websites, can become two-way communication channels.
  • Welcomes & nurtures instant feedback
  • Embedded links allow users to browse and choose at leisure their desired information.

Speedy Production

  • Gone are the days of lengthy waits to have your work published.  Digital collateral is speedy and accessible within minutes.
  • The author can produce more frequently, because the author does not have to budget for print and binding costs.
  • The reader can transport hundreds to thousands of publications on trips when he or she purchases eBooks; whereas, the traditional printed publication weighs more and has significantly more space requirements.
  • Sales staff can easily have product catalogs with them on a tablet or jump drive.
  • Creators may easily revise & edit digital publications versus hard copies which are less time efficient.

Go green

The World Resources Institute deems deforestation as one of the most serious environmental issues facing the world today. In a time where the destruction of the environment is becoming increasingly alarming, every positive action counts.

  • Reduces paper consumption and emissions from distribution.
  • Minimizes amount of trees used.
  • Slashes recycling and waste collection costs, fuel emissions and the use of harmful chemicals.
  • By offering your clients digital materials, your company can have a sizeable, positive impact on the environment.

Design Services

  • Page Design/Layout - small pieces, sell sheets, catalogs, collateral
  • Artwork - Technical/Illutrative Artwork Created
  • Branding Artwork
  • Photo Composition
  • Photo Retouching
  • Web Design - interactive ASP/Coldfusion, static html, Flash driven, database driven SQL/Access, shopping carts...websites from a few pages to 1,000's of pages